Jill Strickland Brown

Jill Started Frox in 2003 with the intent to make a community, a gathering place. Where everyone feels at home, pampered and loved. To empower women to have the confidence to go out and impact the world. The button logo represents the unique buttons lovingly placed on the sweaters that started my journey in the fashion industry. And now not only connecting clothing but everyone that walks through our door. That is what we do: we connect as we educate our gals about fit and drape how to invest in ourselves and the earth. We source sustainable products that last for years to come and don’t end up in our landfills. We support local artisans and women owned businesses. I feel it is important for me to live not only my passions but stick true to my core values. That mission has gone far beyond my four yellow walls, it has grown into speaking on small and large stages, appearing on many podcasts and finally the book Behind the Button and our blog by the same name. Join us and see what happens Behind the Button!

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